Water, Water Part 3

Today is the end of the 10 business day period in which the water company indicated they would let us know if we can have access to the city water. Instead of giving us an answer, they informed us that their engineer would be on hand this week during which time he will visit the lot and report his findings.

And we wait.

Final (really) Plans

After reviewing the previous final version of the plans we, and by “we” I mean I grew concerned about the fact that we must go outside to get to the garage. Ted doesn’t think it will be an issue but it does rain over twenty FEET per year and some of those rains are intense. The idea of unloading groceries in that kind of rain doesn’t seem pleasant to me so I reworked the arrangement of the half bath and pantries to make room for a small spiral stair or one person elevator. With this new arrangement, if (when) we decide I’m right, we’ll be able to knock out the floor of the pantry nearest the entry hall and install the stairs or elevator and we will still have the other pantry for storage. Until we decide to do that, we will have lots of extra storage space.

Here are all the final plans…

Water, Water Part 2

Our architect, Roberto, lives in the capitol city, San Jose and splits his time between projects there and in Manuel Antonio.  Today was the first day he was in Manuel Antonio since we found out we need city water. He has submitted the paperwork and now the city has ten business days to respond.

January 28 will not get here fast enough.

Final Plans (well mostly final)

It turns out that the government offices close down in mid-December and don’t reopen till the second week in January. Our architect and a few friends had warned us against trying to start the permitting process just before the holiday break so we elected to take the time through the holidays to work through several iterations of the house plans. The changes we came up with were small things like switching the direction doors swing, or moving electrical outlets. Nothing major. The latest version of the plans are below. Now we start the permit process.