Progress Update – Week 12

Roberto sent lots of photos this week demonstrating that progress continues to be good. We are thrilled! The crew is ready to pour concrete floors in the bedroom wing and they are making great progress on the roof as well.

Once again, at Casa Bellamar, all is well.

Progress Update – Week 11

All is well at Casa Bellamar. Construction continues to move along at the expected rate and as the photos show, at this stage, change is quite apparent from week to week. This week We have a floor or walls in the social area where last week none existed. Soon they’ll be working on the finish out and “this week we have stucco” won’t have the same impact in photos. Still we are excited to see the progress.

We did have a bit of a setback this week. Continue reading

Progress Update – Week 10

Now, with just a few of the roof trusses in place, Casa Bellamar is really starting to look like a house!

Roberto climbed up the mountain to provide us with photos from the lot above ours. These photos give us an excellent perspective on the and help visualize the layout as well. We now have the concrete floor poured on the ‘social’ side and the walls are coming up over there as well. The entry and hall that connects the two structures now has the framework for the roof and glass walls in place. You’ll also notice the steel balcony supports protruding from the front of the bedroom side of the house. It is really starting to come together.

Once again, at Casa Bellamar, all is well.