Progress Update – Week 15

We had yet another busy week at Casa Bellamar. On the bedroom side of the house they were busy putting on the finish layer of stucco on the inside a outside walls. They have placed most of the framework to support the ceilings in the bedrooms. They have about 80% of the eaves capped and framework for the soffits in place.

On the social side of the house and the entry the ceiling treatment will be caña brava similar to the ceiling in this photo only our ceiling will not be as high as the one shown. The bamboo was delivered this week and the crew has begun the work of stripping and preparing it so it will be ready to put up when the roof on the social side is done.

We have just two more weeks before they shut down for the holiday. In that time we expect the roof on the social side to be up they should also get most of the ceilings up in the bedrooms.

At Casa Bellamar all is well.

Progress Update – Week 14

We are now officially past the halfway point! Well… at least according to the plan, last week was #14 of 26 and construction continues to sail along. We also came to an agreement on a solution for the pool. It will have to be closer to the house than originally planned but they have confirmed they will be able to keep it at the same level as the interior of the house. This means no stairs/ramps or other impediments from the back bedroom all the way to the edge of the outdoor cabana. It will be fine. As an added bonus we get an extra room under the deck, between the garage and the pool that will house the pool pumps and other water system equipment.

The photos this week show more of the roof structure and bedroom spaces being worked on. Because of the humidity, standard sheet-rock like we use in the US molds and crumbles rather rapidly so we opted for solid cinderblock walls. In several of the photos you’ll see where they have ‘plastered’ the walls. It’s really a thin and smooth cement product that they slather on… think fine grain stucco.We still have to decide on paint colors but that’s the finish for most of the walls and ceilings.

Balconies on the front of the bedrooms are almost complete now. We also have a few photos of the underside of the eaves showing the framework they’ve welded up for the facia. The soffits will be finished out with the same plaster/stucco as the interior.

Our friend Tim also shot another short video walking along the front of the house. Thanks Tim!

Once again, at Casa Bellamar all is well.