Progress Update – Week 21

We’re at the point now where the pictures tell the story very well. We’re in the final weeks of construction now and every little thing makes a difference now. In the photos of the entryway, the stairs are still rough and incomplete but what’s there makes it so much easier to visualise the final effect. In the social area they have only placed a few of the supports for the ceiling but it’s enough to see what the ceiling will look like.

The pool… well that’s just strange. The pool itself will be a 5-foot deep oval shaped ‘party pool’ but the photo makes it look like it’s going to have some kind of divider and columns sticking up on either side. That is not the case. Because of the slope of the hill they had to dig quite deep to insure the footing was placed on solid ground. What you see in the photo is the footing. The divider and columns will support the floor of the pool. We assume the void will be filled with soil… or storage space. At the moment there does not appear to be an entryway so our guess is that it will be filled.

Once again, we’re pleased to say at Casa Bellamar, all is well.

Progress Update – Week 20

We had another good week. The issue with the water pipe has yet to be resolved but at least it is not causing any further hindrance to the workers. Fernando and crew have nearly completed roofing on the social wing of the house and they made excellent progress on the foundations for the pool and the entry way stairs.

More good news… There were several ‘luxury’ features like the elevator that we had deferred pending cost overruns during the initial phase of construction. We are at the point now where we must decide and we were pleased to be able to move forward with all of them.

Once again we are pleased to say, at Casa Bellamar, all is well.

Progress Update – Week 19

It has been a few weeks since our last update. From the beginning Roberto, our architect, and Fernando, our builder, told us that the work crews would virtually shut down in the last few weeks of December. This is generally the warmest and driest time of year there like our summers up north, it’s when the kids are out of school for an extended and everyone takes vacations.

As you can see from the photographs they have made tremendous progress all around. the bedrooms and bathrooms are starting to look like actual rooms. The social area is still a work in progress but the primary work on the roof structure should be completed this week. construction of the trusses on that side was a bit more challenging because, instead of being flat, the angle of the ceiling over the living, dining and kitchen areas will somewhat match the the pitch of the roof.

They have marked off the placement of the entryway stairs and will begin construction of that this week. They also complete the excavation work for the pool and came across a little surprise from the developer. Running right through the area where the pool will be build they discovered a buried water pipe… you can see it in one of the photos. The backstory is on this is too long to share in this post but suffice to say, the developer did not have legal easement to bury the pipe in that location on the lot. It should not have been there and it will be moved. Sadly, construction of our pool is delayed until this is resolved.

Overall, things continue to progress nicely and we are very excited about the prospect of visiting there soon to pick out much of the finish out materials such at tile, bathroom fixtures, cabinets and countertops. VERY exciting.

We are happy to still be of the mind that at Casa Bellamar, all is well.