Progress Update – Week 26

I’m beginning to sound like a broken record but in this case I’m quite happy to be just that… At Casa Bellamar, all is well!

The pool deck structure was completed this week and tile laid. The crew started setting the stonework on the facade of the bedroom wing and completed the stone work on the inside of the entry fountain. They still need to clean off the residual mortar but it is BEAUTIFUL!

They also finished up all the rough work on the pool so next week they can start tiling it… yes, tiling the pool. In Costa Rica the pools are finished out with tile instead of plaster. It’s going to be beautiful too. We had originally envisioned the pool deck seamlessly running up to the edge of the pool but Fernando and Roberto were looking out for us. They pointed out that the pool deck backs up to the mountain and while we will have a drain to capture water that runs off the hill, a heavy rain could overflow the drain and muddy water would flow across the deck and into the pool. They suggested a low coping around the edge of the pool. With that, all the water will flow around the pool and off the edges. As an added bonus: when we’re old and I’m in a wheelchair it will be harder for Ted to ‘accidentally’ roll me into the pool. Thanks Fernando.

Speaking of tile, they completed the tile work in all the main rooms, hallways, terraces, and deck this week. We reserved closets and showers to the end. If we do run low on tile and have to change colors, it won’t matter much if one of the closets or showers doesn’t match the rest of the house.

The electrician has been busy finishing up the wiring and installing lights and fans. We discovered that many of the can light fixtures we bought had a common flaw and will have to be returned and replaced. This is not a huge problem. it’s just an inconvenience as the store is 2.5 hours away in San Jose.

The glass installers were also busy this week. They got all the sliding glass doors in. You’ll notice a gap between the top of the doors and the frame of the opening. That will be fixed glass. They will install those this week along with the remainder of the windows.

Things are progressing nicely. Fernando tells us that the cabinet maker will deliver the interior doors and trim boards this week. That will go a long way toward making the house look complete. Cabinets will come the week after that. The end is in site.

Or is it the beginning…?

Progress Update – Week 25

Fernando and his crew are making great progress. They have almost completed all the tile inside the house now.This week they also completed the framework and poured the concrete for the pool deck and they have already begun tiling. Meanwhile, work continues on the pool itself. The framework for the cabana is going up as well. The electrician was busy pulling wires and installing lights and fans in the bedrooms and bathrooms.

One minor ‘oops’ we discovered on our first walk through last week was that they did not build the wall that separates the balconies for bedroom 2 and bedroom 3. It was drawn in all the plans but the crew simply missed it. They got it started this week. When it’s done all three bedrooms will have private balconies as planned.

Ted spent a couple hours on site yesterday with our architect Roberto and builder Fernando and they are still saying they are on target to complete the construction and have it move-in ready for us in three weeks… March 8.

Once again I am happy to report, at Casa Bellamar, all is well.

Progress Update – Week 23

We arrived in Manuel Antonio this afternoon and after unloading the car, drove directly over to the build site. WOW it’s big! Our best guess is it’s 2500 square feet inside with another 800 in terraces and balconies under the roof but it’s all on one floor and it looks really, really big when you’re standing on the driveway looking at it.

Most of the rooms have the walls and ceilings completed and primed and the crew has completed the installation of the caña  brava so you’ll see some pictures of that. The pool is coming along nicely and the entry stairs are done. Unfortunately, they left a tarp hanging over the stairs to shade the new concrete so it’s a little difficult to get a clear picture but it looks great. They have also begun installing the metal framework for windows. It is really beginning to look like a house.

In addition to the photos below I shot several short videos of different parts of the house. You can view them at: Casa Bellamar – Week 23 Update.