First Morning

We survived!

It turns out the alarm system still has a few bugs to be worked out so we had two false alarms through the night. Like all modern alarm systems, you have an ‘away’ and an ‘at home’ setting. When ‘at home’ is armed, all the internal sensors are bypassed so you can walk around inside without setting off the alarm.

It seems the motion detector in the entry hall… yes INSIDE the entry hall was set up as an external sensor. Just before bed, I set the ‘at home’ alarm then walked to the entryway to insure the front door was locked. Of course I passed in front of the entryway motion detector which set off the alarm and a 5-million decibel siren echoed through the house and across the valley. It was hard to get to sleep after that but we did.

…until about 2:30am.

Walking from the bathroom to my side of the bed I passed in front of the balcony door and once again 5-billion decibels of home invasion alarm sounded out. It seems one of the exterior perimeter sensors beams directly into the bedroom we were in and even though I was INSIDE the house it triggered the alarm when I crossed the beam.

After that, we decided to take our chances with the alarm off. No one broke in and we slept soundly the rest of the night or at least till the howler monkeys started their morning chorus.

The alarm technicians came out before noon and supposedly got everything set so we won’t have these problems again.

Alarm and electrical system issues not withstanding, it was a good first night. The crew has been put on notice that we have guests arriving on Tuesday and the house has to be in more livable condition by then.

On a positive note, while enjoying my morning coffee on the terrace I witnessed a troop of white face monkeys climbing through the trees surrounding the pool. The light was poor at that point so I have no decent photos of that to share. However, a little later in the morning a toucan came to visit. The are such unusual birds.


One thought on “First Morning

  1. The place sounds and looks almost too good to be true. Monkeys and toucans and who knows what else — oh my!

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