Progress Update – Week 37

We’ve been in the house a week already and our first guests from the USA arrived on Tuesday. Truth is, the house wasn’t quite ready for company and while it’s closer now, there is still a lot of work to be done and furniture to buy. We’re using outdoor furniture for living room chairs and a folding table in the dining room. Water is still intermittent and the workers all show up at the house between 5:30am and 6am ready to work. The punch list has at least a couple things in each room of the house so they’re walking in and out of every bedroom as well as the social area. Privacy is seriously lacking for now. However, with us present, they seem more driven to get everything done which is good.

We had several positive developments through the week:

  • The permanent electric meter was installed Tuesday.
  • All the appliances were installed and are working.
  • The crew finished pouring the driveway.
  • Work began on the elevator.
  • Work began on the water tank and filtration system
  • We went shopping for landscape plants and the plants were delivered.

The fact that we are now working on the landscape plan means we’re very close to completion! That is very exciting.

I’m not saying it’s done but, as the photos will show, we’re getting close.



One thought on “Progress Update – Week 37

  1. It’s all just astounding beautiful, Michael. It makes me happy that it’s all (almost) worked out. Will you smash a bottle of champagne on the house to christen it? : )


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