Week 40 – Finished! (but not fully furnished)

Yep. Construction is officially complete. The crew has cleared the last of the construction debris and the first round of landscape planting is done.

Forty weeks! For those of you keeping track that’s fourteen weeks beyond the estimate when we started. According to our friends, only 14 weeks over is really good. We did hit a few snags along the way and we ended up compromising on a couple things but the house is beautiful and overall quality is quite good. We are really very happy with the results.

We’ve got beds, curtains and some other furniture already. Now it’s time to get the rest of the furniture and decorations selected and delivered so we can have professional photos taken and then we can start marketing it for rentals. EEK that means I’ve got to find time to finish building casabellamar.com.

For now, here are the latest photos taken around the place over the last week. At Casa Bellamar, all is well.


5 thoughts on “Week 40 – Finished! (but not fully furnished)

  1. Michael,

    As always, the place looks enchanting. I do hope that it brings you and Ted much joy and that you spend many happy days and years there.


    • Thanks Ruth.
      We had a few tense moments that I didn’t mention in the blog but overall it’s been a good experience and now we have a great home in a beautiful tropical paradise where we hope to be able to entertain all our friends for years to come… Now, if only I could figure out a way to retire early so I can be there to enjoy it too.

  2. Hello Ted & Michael – Unknown to you, I have faithfully followed the “rearing” of your Costa Rican casa throughout its upbringing. I did so by viewing your weekly photographic postings and reading your comments. It was obvious from the ground breaking through to the present that to build in Costa Rica would be a challenge, one that would require the virtue of an extraordinary degree of patience……and each of you have met the challenge and have earned a wonderful and enduring prize that you can now call your home. Congratulations to both of you for the building of such a wonderful home………relax and enjoy it for many years to come.

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