Week 54 – Ready For Our Close-up

Yet another two week stay is done and it seems we never had a moment to enjoy… although, I must say, ‘rainy’ season is the best time to be here. Yes, it did rain some but not every day. It was nice and sunny in the mornings then the clouds built up every afternoon around 2pm and lingered till sunset and that kept the temperature in the low 80’s most days. By evening it was quite cool. It was delightful to sleep with the windows open. There were several nights when it was so cool at bedtime that we did not need the fans on and a few nights where we had to pull the bedspread up to keep warm. Yes. You read that right. In a tropical beach community it was so cool at night that we needed extra cover on the bed to stay warm! September is officially my new favorite time to visit Casa Bellamar.

As for the house, our goal for this trip was to complete the make-ready so that we could have the photographer come in and shoot quality photos of the entire house. I have always planned to create all the artwork for the house but production was a little slow in previous months. As a result, in the last few weeks leading up to this trip I spent every free minute painting. We carted down about 10 of my paintings to hang on the walls. We pulled the canvas off the frames for transport so I had to stretch them before we could hang them.

On our last trip we discovered that while the electrician had mounted all the speakers and strung the wires through the attic exactly as requested, he did not connect the wires to the speakers. In the weeks since that trip he came back and connected them. Now we can have music in the social area, on the front balcony and out by the pool in any combination we choose. We also got a television and satellite service installed so we have a full entertainment system in place for our guests.

For the entryway and the bay window on the back of the house we want some cushions so they are comfortable places to sit. Before this trip we purchased some weather proof fabric and carted it down with us. On our first day here we delivered it to the upholsterer with the dimensions. Five days later he delivered the finished product. We could not be happier with the results. They fit perfectly and the workmanship was flawless.

We worked hard during this two week stay to get everything complete so that the house would be ready to photograph and rent.

On our last day we are happy to say: we’re ready for our close-up.

The photographer came in the morning and spent a few hours taking photos around and within the house. We are excited to see the results.


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