We are up and running and ready for business. went live just a few minutes ago and we are ready to start booking guests.

Thanks to all who have supported us and encouraged us through this process. It has been a little scary at times but mostly fun and exciting.

We’re looking forward to seeing you soon at Casa!

First Morning

We survived!

It turns out the alarm system still has a few bugs to be worked out so we had two false alarms through the night. Like all modern alarm systems, you have an ‘away’ and an ‘at home’ setting. When ‘at home’ is armed, all the internal sensors are bypassed so you can walk around inside without setting off the alarm.

It seems the motion detector in the entry hall… yes INSIDE the entry hall was set up as an external sensor. Just before bed, I set the ‘at home’ alarm then walked to the entryway to insure the front door was locked. Of course I passed in front of the entryway motion detector which set off the alarm and a 5-million decibel siren echoed through the house and across the valley. It was hard to get to sleep after that but we did.

…until about 2:30am. Continue reading