It’s Never As Easy As You Think It Should Be

Last evening we received an email from our architect Roberto stating that he had spoken with Fernando, our builder, earlier in the day. Fernando said he would be ready to start construction on Monday.

FINALLY, after a full year in the design and permit gathering phase, we are actually going to start construction this coming Monday, 26 August 2013. I went to bed a very happy person last night and was still a little bit giddy this morning. And then… Continue reading

Bank on This…

Knowing that we are close to the start of construction, we know we need to open a bank account so we can easily pay all the bills. There are several banks in Costa Rica. Some are operated by the government, some are privately owned Costa Rican banks and some are international brands (Citi, Scotia, Bank of America) that have operations in Costa Rica. Prior to our current trip, we asked our friends, our architect and our attorney which bank they recommended. The answer was unanimous: Continue reading