Name This House

Our home needs a name. If you don’t know why, check out Whats in a Name? then come back here to submit your ideas.

The house will be a vacation rental property when we are not there so for marketing purposes the name needs to be special. It needs to evoke some or all of the following: the exotic destination, the splendid tropical weather, the wild flora and fauna of the jungle, the ocean view, the serene calm of the ocean side environment, and casual comfort that all combine to make Manuel Antonio so special and our home the perfect place to enjoy it all. …and it needs to be in Spanish but easy for us non-Spanish-speaking Americans to pronounce.

How do I enter?

There are two ways to enter.

  1. Using the form below, submit your name, email address and suggested house name.
  2. Visit Like the page and submit your suggested house name via comments there.

If we choose your name and you were the first to suggest it, when the house is complete, we’ll give you one week in the house rent free*.

I will update a running list of suggested house names along with the first name and last initial of the suggester. I will not publish or share your full name or email with anyone but if you submit your suggestion via Facebook, your name will be visible there.


It would be best if the name is not used anywhere else in Costa Rica but it MUST be unique to the Quepos/Manuel Antonio area.

Here are a few rental management sites with properties in the area. Use them for inspiration and to insure that the name you suggest is not already in use.

Don’t know Spanish? and are great resources.

Suggested Names

Name Meaning Suggested By Date/Time
Casa Tres Palmas House of Three Palms Ted H 03-Mar-13 07:00
Casa Colibri Hummingbird House Michael P 03-Mar-13 07:01
Villa Veranera Bougainvilla Villa Michael P 03-Mar-13 07:01
Casa Serena House of Serinity, House of Calm Heather K 03-Mar-13 10:11
Casa Tejanotico Jacque B 04-Mar-13 05:12
Casa de Zen Heather R 04-Mar-13 08:30
Las Palmas Coronas Russell H 04-Mar-13 12:28
Cielo y Tierra Heaven and Earth Melissa E 06-Mar-13 13:12
Chameleon William L 23-Mar-13 07:58
Casa Toric Anagram of Costa Rica Jim R 28-Mar-13 04:34
Palma de la mirada Palm Look, Palm View Russell H 21-Jul-13 21:15
Casa Vista de la Palma Palm View Russell H 21-Jul-13 21:16
Ceilito Lindo Pretty little heaven William L 09-Aug-13 10:16
Casa de los sueños House of Dreams Pat M 09-Aug-13 11:31
Costa Alegre Happy Coast, Cheerful Coast Nancy A 09-Aug-13 11:53
Casa Pacifica Peaceful House Rob R 08-Aug-13 12:06
Puerta Bonita Beautiful Gateway, Beautiful Door Nancy A 08-Aug-13 12:07
Casa en el Paraiso House in Paradise Olivia K 08-Aug-13 12:30
Casa de of Perr-riss The House of Michael Perry & Ted Harris Barbara W 08-Aug-13 16:51
Casa Serena House of Serenity Rob R 10-Aug-13 10:30
Casa Selva Jungle House Rob R 10-Aug-13 10:31
 Casa Costa Plenty 🙂 Rob R 10-Aug-13 10:31
Casa Rica Rich House Tim S 10-Aug-13 10:34
 Casa Porfin or Villa Porfin Casa At Last or Villa At Last Rob R 10-Aug-13 10:38
Casa Tiempo Para Martini Martini Time House Rob R 10-Aug-13 10:40
Casa Coctel Cocktail House Rob R 10-Aug-13 10:41
 Casa Fortuna House of Fortune Rob R 10-Aug-13 10:45
Casa Suenodulce House of Sweet Dreams Rob R 10-Aug-13 10:45
Casa Aventura House of Adventure Rob R 10-Aug-13 10:45
paraíso en el océano Paradise by the ocean Mary F 13-Aug-13 11:01
nuevos comienzos New Beginnings Mary F 13-Aug-13 11:06
casa de la paz house of peace Mary F 13-Aug-13 11:06
casa feliz Happy house Mary F 13-Aug-13 11:07
Casa Azul blue house Russell H 24-Aug-13 09:04
Paraíso, donde la selva tropical, las montañas y al mar, se encuentran. Paradise, where rain forest, mountains & sea, meet. Kelley K 24-Aug-13 13:51
Paraíso en el Pacífico Paradis over the Pacific Kelley K 24-Aug-13 14:01
Casa Pacifico Paraiso Pacific Paradise House or Peaceful Paradise house Kelley K 25-Aug-13 18:28
Casa de la Belleza Natural House of Natural Beauty Kelley K 13-Aug-13 19:43
A Little Bit OF Heaven just what it says Bill O 26-Aug-13 17:51
Casa Buena Vista House of Beautiful Views Chris W 27-Aug-13 13:05
Palmas Encantadas Enchanted palms Nancy A 30-Aug-13 13:49
Casa de Escapar Escape House Judy D 30-Aug-13 19:12
Belleza Infinita Infinite Beauty Judy D 30-Aug-13 19:14
Casa Splendida Splendid House Heather K 31-Aug-13 07:53
casa en el nubes House in the clouds Kathy M 31-Aug-13 13:11

* The Rules

  1. Multiple unique entries from a single individual are allowed and strongly encouraged.
  2. The prize is seven (7) nights accommodation in our home on lot #12 Rancho Manuel Antonio and ground transportation to/from the house and the Quepos airport (XQP) at the beginning and end of the trip.
  3. The prize does not include air transportation to/from or within Costa Rica or ground transportation beyond what is mentioned above.
  4. Three prizes will be awarded. We will select our three favorite house names from all that are suggested. The first person that suggested each of the names will win one of the prizes.
  5. In the event that we choose a name that was not suggested via the prescribed means or if we choose one of our own creation, then three runners up will chosen and the first person that suggested each of the names will win one of the prizes.
  6. The prize is subject to availability.
  7. The prize is void if unused within two years of being notified via post on that the house is available to rent.
  8. The prize has no cash value if unused.
  9. The prize is non-transferable.
  10. The winner will be responsible for security deposit and cleaning fees as determined by the rental management company at the time of booking.
  11. The winner must be at least 21 years of age or older and must meet all the restrictions set forth by the rental management company at the time of booking.
  12. Blackout dates apply. Each year approximately fourteen days before Christmas through approximately 14 days after New Years and approximately fourteen days before and after Easter. Specific dates will be determined once the rental management company is engaged.
  13. Only suggestions submitted via the form located at or via comments on will be eligible for the prize. If you want to win the prize do not bother sharing your suggestion any other way.
  14. The server date and time will be captured with each entry. In the event the winning name is submitted by two or more individuals, the entry with the earliest date/time will be the winner.
  15. Entries will be accepted through August 31, 2013.
  16. The winner will be notified via email or Facebook message depending the method of entry.
  17. The Rules are subject to change without notice.
  18. Offer void where prohibited by law.

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